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Food Tracker®

What is Food Tracker®?

With Food Tracker® you'll know where your food is at all times! No more wondering when your food will arrive and if you'll have some extra time to finish this chore, or that one last game before the driver is at your door.

This is how it works: partner restaurants who share their data with us can give us information on when they accept your order, when they start preparing it and when they send it out for delivery. When we get the information from the restaurant, Food Tracker® shares this information with you.

The same goes for drivers. When a driver shares their data regarding their location with us, Food Tracker® will show it in real-time on the map. You, therefore know almost exactly when your food will arrive and when you can start setting the table!

Where do I find Food Tracker®?

Once you've completed your order, our Food Tracker® will appear. On this page, we'll show you status updates regarding your order, that we've received from the restaurant, and a little countdown clock shows you how much time until your food arrives. You can also see the Food Tracker® page by clicking on the "Track your order online - button" in the order confirmation Email.

If you've ordered via the website, you'll receive a text message on your phone with the order confirmation and the estimated arrival time. When you order via our app, you automatically receive push messages with status updates on your smartphone. However; you need to have the push notification option turned on.

My order didn't arrive on time. How is this possible?

Oof, that's annoying. Since the delivery time is an estimate, it can sometimes be a bit different. Did it take way too long to arrive? Then please contact our customer service department via They will look into it as soon as possible.

Why don't I see anything moving on the map?

If we receive information on the location of the driver, we will share this with you in the Food Tracker®. However, if you don't see anything moving on the map, this means we haven't received the location data on the driver to share with you.

I haven't received any messages with status updates of my order.

Did you receive an order confirmation Email? If yes, please check if you filled in the correct telephone number.

Please note that customers that order via the website will receive a text message confirming the order and giving an estimated arrival time. Did you order via our app? If so, please see if you have enabled receiving push notifications from our service on your phone.
If neither of the suggestions we provided helped, then please contact our customer service department via They will investigate further.

We hope we've answered your questions about Food Tracker®. However, if you have any other views or questions that haven't been, then please contact our customer service team via They are always happy to help!