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Flamingo Imbiss

Turkish, Burgers, Hot dog
3,00 €
est. 35min
Min. 22,00 €

City Kebap Pizza

Italian style pizza, Döner, Schnitzel
3,00 €
est. 30min
Min. 25,00 €

SportZ - Austrian & American Grill-Bar

Italian style pizza, Burgers, Pasta
2,00 €
Min. 18,00 €

Pizzeria&Burgerhouse Del Piero Obermarkt

Italian style pizza, Burgers, Salads
3,00 €
Min. 20,00 €

My Dürüm

Italian style pizza, Turkish, Burgers
3,00 €
est. 30min
Min. 15,00 €

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