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Lieferservice.at Price-Matching Guarantee!

The Lieferservice.at price guarantee is only valid for delivery prices of the restaurant. Of course, you can only submit one request for a voucher for each ordered meal/drink. The value of the voucher corresponds to the difference between the price of the respective dish including delivery costs, for an order done directly with the restaurant and an order for Lieferservice.at (also including delivery costs). Furthermore, the terms and conditions of Lieferservice.at apply. You can find the conditions here.

Fill the following form containing:

First name
Last name
E-mail address
Order reference code

Name of the dish you ordered

Lieferservice.at price

Price offered by the restaurant

Proof of the price difference (for example: picture of a print screen of the website, scan of the receipt or similar).


After your request has been approved, a member of our customer care team will contact you and refund the difference in the form of a voucher.